It’s a boy!!! Welcome to the world!!!

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Royal Baby Anxiety!

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Oh! My! God! Been so anxious waiting for news of the royal baby I have eaten all the chocolate in the house and there are hardly any nails left to bite lol! 😳😳
Now I must register here that I do think it will be a boy, but because I ALWAYS get it wrong, you can all count on the fact that it will most definitely be a girl.
Also, I wish they call her Alice if a little girl, and Arthur if a boy!
And might as well guess the weight, so let’s go for 7lbs3oz!
So here you go, now off to cool down on the beach as it is the hottest day in 6 years and I can feel it. Ahhhh so great to be blogging again, thank you for reading! Xxx

I am back!!! And I have some news!!!

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Well, well well!

Look who has decided to blog again!! Oh yes, can’t keep me away!

Anyway I have some exiting news, but let’s catch up a bit first.

A long time has passed but I am still anxious! Lol Just a bit less now as I have found that the main source of my anxieties towards my DS had a lot to do with one place. The School.

To cut it short, after nearly 4 years of bullying, changing schools twice, we have decided to Home Educate. So I have now settled nicely into it and I am prepared to share some of it with you all.

The second bit of news is that I have decided to create a video channel on You Tube reviewing all the products I use on my daily life. I do quite often get offered stuff to test run for free, other times I just like something I decided to buy so I will also be posting some of it here on this blog. I also joined a website called bzzagent, that gives stuff away for people to try…so just a way to get a few freebies here and there and also help people make decisions before they buy stuff, as I will always publish my honest, unbiased and truthful opinion about things I test.

So I hope you like my news and hope you come back here often to hear about my new adventures (and why not my anxieties) and we can share experiences and have a nice happy life hahaha!

See you soon!!!!